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Ella and the LOST TEDDY – Elena Mihailov şi Aliona Bereghici

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It’s official! I’m so thrilled to announce the release of my first picture book « Ella and the Lost Teddy »!!!
This is a heartwarming story written in rhymes about a little girl who found a lost teddy, took good care of him but suddenly was faced with a tough decision. To keep the teddy or to take it back to his owner?
Rhyming has a lot of benefits for young readers, it improves their memory, helps children develop listening skills, understand the rhythm of language in a fun way, and provides a memorable and enjoyable reading experience.
Illustrations play a major role in any picture book. They help the reader to connect with the story, provide a different point of view and other details which are not included in the text, they define and develop the characters.
Aliona Bereghici ( Aliona Bereghici Art ) did an amazing job by illustrating this book and I’m unconditionally thankful to her for accepting to work with me! We made a great team, and I hope this is not our last project together!
Now that my books are ready, I start a new chapter of this journey…finding new homes for them!

P.S. I feel so lucky that the release of my book coincides with the Spring Equinox and World Storytelling Day!

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